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Your Pre-Litigation Specialist

Your claim has been assigned to Isabella Aguilar. She is the Pre-Litigation Department Director. Isabella reports directly to Scott Kandell. If you have any questions throughout the pre-litigation phase of your claim, you can direct them towards Isabella and she will be able to answer them promptly and thoroughly. Isabella will be reaching out to provide periodic updates, as well as to request documentation and answers as needed. 

Contact Isabella

(305) 858-2220 ext. 4021

What to Expect

During the phase of your claim that precedes a lawsuit, you can expect a few potential events. 

It's not uncommon for multiple inspections to occur. Don't worry, we will keep you up to date with the scheduling of those! There will likely be some document requests; if you have any documentation regarding your claim such as photographs, repairs, or estimates you may have obtained, those are helpful for us to have.

We know you're eager to get your claim paid, and so are we. We will keep you up to date as far as the ongoing effort to push your carrier to a resolution. If there are events that you need to appear to virtually, like a mediation or recorded statement, we will be sure to guide you through what those events entail, and prepare you for your appearance. If you have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out. Below are a few examples of events that may happen throughout this stage of your claim. Take a look and find more information on each. 


Mediation is held over Zoom.

It's an opportunity for you, your attorney, a representative of the insurance company, and a neutral party to talk about potentially resolving the claim. 

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