Most Common Reasons for Wind Claim Denials in Florida

If only there was truly calm after the storm. Unfortunately, homeowners in Florida feel nothing but calm when they have to deal with a denied or delayed property insurance claim for wind damage to their property. Wind claim denials in Florida can occur for several reasons. Below we’ll discuss some of the most common ones we see and steps you can take to ensure your claim is approved.

Reasons Wind Damage Claims are Denied in Florida

Insurance companies in Florida can be quick to deny homeowner’s insurance claims, but not all denials are valid. If you believe your claim has been wrongly denied, contact our team right away at KK&P Law Firm to discuss your options. 

Here are a few common reasons why insurance companies may deny wind damage claims in South Florida:

  • The insurance company claims there was pre-existing damage – Insurance companies may deny claims if they believe the damage existed before the policy was in effect or before the wind event occurred. They may argue that the damage was not caused by the recent wind event but rather that the damage already existed, perhaps due to normal wear and tear or another event.
  • You missed the deadline to file – Most insurance companies have deadlines to file an insurance claim. They vary from carrier to carrier, so be sure to check your insurance policy and be mindful of your deadlines. 
  • There are policy exclusions – Some insurance policies in Florida have specific exclusions for certain types of wind damage. For example, if the policy does not cover damage from certain wind speeds or types of wind events (such as hurricanes), the claim could be denied. Be sure to review your policy so you have a clear understanding of what’s covered. When homeowners misinterpret or misunderstand the terms of their policy, it can lead to frustration when their claim is denied.

Other reasons a claim may be denied include a lack of documentation when filing the claim, failure to pay your insurance premiums, or damage that does not exceed the deductible amount.

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Filing an insurance claim can be an overwhelming process for homeowners, yet there are steps you can take to help ensure a fair outcome and recover your rightful claim amount. Keeping good documentation is an important factor – this includes staying up to date with a home inventory so you have records of your personal property. You should also regularly photograph and record the inside and outside of your property. Good photos and documentation after a wind-damaging event are also imperative. 

Our team at Kandell, Kandell & Petrie is also here to help. If your property insurance claim was denied, get in touch with our team today to speak to one of our claims advisors in Miami to discuss your needs.