Pre-Litigation Team

Our pre-litigation team is typically the first point of contact. This is where all claims for which a law suit has not been filed are managed. The pre-litigation department (or pre-suit department) is comprised of a talented team of detail-oriented individuals, dedicated to ensuring that the initial claims process is handled appropriately and timely. They shape the claim until it is ready to either settle before a law suit is necessary, or enter the Litigation phase. 

Isabella Aguilar

Isabella is a pre-litigation specialist and manager of the department. She is our rising star, and has proven more than capable when it comes to providing optimal representation for, and advocating on behalf of each and every one of our clients. 

Amber Rodriguez

Amber is a pre-suit paralegal and has been working in the insurance industry for nearly a decade. She is well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully negotiate on behalf of our clients. She is a spirited legal professional and she will make your voice heard.

Daniela Mateu

Daniela is a pre-litigation paralegal and complaint specialist. She ensures that the claims department moves claims from the pre-litigation phase to the litigation phase in a way that ensures the best possible outcome. She is our liaison between these departments, and her attention to detail makes her an asset to the team.

Surelys Jimenez

Surelys is a pre-litigation paralegal who represents our clients with a level of compassion that few are capable of. She is an expert in communication, and will always find a solution when it comes to those first, most difficult problems that property owners encounter during the claims process. 

Daniela Cook-Bodden

Ella is a pre-litigation paralegal and the newest member of our team. She brings a wealth of industry specific experience that makes her a valuable asset to the pre-litigation workflow, and she works thoroughly to get claims where they need to be.