Can You Dispute a Rejected Property Insurance Claim in Colorado?

Yes, you have a legal right to dispute a rejected property insurance claim in Colorado. 

Homeowner’s insurance claim denials come in all forms. Sometimes claims are denied due to simple errors or misunderstandings. Other times the reasons include policy exclusions or coverage limits. To learn more about common reasons claims are denied in Colorado, be sure to read this post. If you believe your claim was unfairly denied, it’s important to know that you can dispute it.

What to Do If You Want to Appeal a Rejected Property Insurance Claim

Before appealing a denied insurance claim, you want to spend some time getting organized with your documentation and familiarizing yourself with your policy. Be sure to thoroughly understand your coverage details, exclusions, and any relevant clauses. If you have any questions, ask! Your policy should also include information about the appeals process, including how and where to submit your appeal and any deadlines you must abide by.

Next, reach out to your insurance company for more information about the denial. They should have included a written explanation of the rejection, but sometimes the details can be sparse. Get as much information as you can about the denial so you can gather the appropriate evidence and documentation as you prepare your appeal. 

Draft an Appeal Letter

By this point you will have done your homework – you understand your policy, know why the claim was denied, and have gathered all your evidence to rebut the claim. Now it’s time to clearly and carefully write your appeal letter. Consider engaging a Colorado insurance law attorney to assist you with building the strongest case.

The letter should be specific and fact-based. It should address each reason for the denial individually and counter with reasons why you believe the denial was incorrect. To conclude your letter, clearly state what you are requesting (e.g., payment for damages, reconsideration of denial). Send your appeal letter and supporting documents to the address specified in your insurance policy.

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Disputing a rejected property insurance claim in Colorado requires diligence, documentation, and an understanding of your policy and rights. For help fighting a denied property insurance claim in the greater Denver area, get in touch with our team at Kandell, Kandell & Petrie to discuss your options for appeal.