What to Do When Your Roof Damage Claim Is Denied in Louisiana

On top of everything else there is to deal with after a storm, a denied roof damage claim from your homeowner’s insurance company should not be one of them. But, the reality is it can and does happen to property owners across Louisiana. Not only is this frustrating and stressful, it can leave you with a significant hole in your pocket – say nothing of the potential hole in your roof!

Reasons Why Roof Damage Claims Are Denied in Louisiana

Insurance companies deny claims for a variety of reasons. They may say your claim lacked sufficient documentation or that the damage previously existed on your roof. They may also cite that your policy did not cover certain types of damage, you were delayed in filing your claim, or failed to pay your premiums, among other reasons. 

Before accepting a roof claim denial at face value, do your research and get everything in writing. Take the time to carefully review your insurance policy, as understanding what is covered and what is excluded is essential to identifying your next steps. You should pay close attention to specific language related to roof damage, exclusions, deductibles, and coverage limits. 

Consult with Professionals 

If you haven’t already, you should get a professional opinion from a reputable roofing contractor. They can assess the damage, provide a detailed report, and offer an estimate for repairs or replacement. This documentation can be invaluable when disputing a policy claim denial in New Orleans or across Louisiana.

You should also consider consulting with a legal professional before taking any next steps like filing for an appeal. A law firm experienced in property insurance claims in Louisiana, like ours at Kandell, Kandell and Petrie, can help you build a strong case and guide you through the appeal’s – and if needed, litigation – process to ensure you receive your rightful compensation for the damage to your roof. 

Contact Us at Kandell, Kandell & Petrie for Help

Dealing with a denied roof damage claim can be frustrating and overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Understanding your policy, gathering evidence, appealing the decision, and seeking legal assistance are crucial steps in fighting a denial. 

At Kandell, Kandell & Petrie, we are here to help homeowners and business owners in Louisiana with their insurance claim disputes. Contact our team today to speak to one of our claims advisors in New Orleans to discuss your needs.