How to Appeal a Denied or Underpaid Hurricane Claim in Louisiana

Hurricane insurance claims in Louisiana can be denied or underpaid for a variety of reasons, and in some cases, those denials are not warranted or were done in bad faith. If you believe your claim has been wrongfully denied, you have options, including the right to appeal the decision. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the steps you need to take if you wish to appeal a homeowner’s insurance claim denial or underpayment in New Orleans.

How to Appeal an Insurance Claim Denial in Louisiana

If you plan to appeal an underpaid or denied claim denial in Louisiana, here are some steps you should follow to ensure the best outcome. 

First, review the denial letter. 

Included in your insurance company’s denial letter should be clear and specific reasons for denying your claim. If not, you need to ask for a detailed explanation for the denial and get it in writing. Once you know why they rejected your claim, you can start building your case for an appeal. 

Next, gather evidence.

Documentation is your friend when you need to appeal a denied homeowner’s insurance claim in Louisiana. Collect all relevant paperwork and evidence related to your claim. This includes photos, videos, receipts, estimates, and any correspondence with the insurance company. It’s also a best practice to obtain a competing estimate from a professional contractor or other expert to support your claim. Gathering a competing estimate will give your appeal legs to stand on and further documentation to support your case.

Share the estimate with your insurance company.

Give the estimate to your insurance provider and offer them the opportunity to compare the estimate with their settlement. Point out discrepancies and note the qualifications of the professional who completed the estimate. After reviewing, the insurance company should answer for their shortcomings. If they don’t, another option for property owners is to take the claim to appraisal. During the appraisal process, an impartial party will work to settle the claim fairly out of court.

Consider seeking legal assistance.

You might also consider speaking with a Louisiana insurance law attorney who can advise you on your legal rights and options. They have extensive experience with the appeals process in the state and can help you build the strongest case for your situation. 

Insurance appeals can be a lengthy process and they require persistence and follow-up. If you’re unsure about any part of the process, don’t hesitate to contact professionals like our experienced legal team at Kandell, Kandell & Petrie. We are here to help you get relief if your insurance company tries to deny or underpay you for your claim. Contact us today to speak to one of our New Orleans claims advisors to discuss your questions and concerns.